Loyalytics Consulting, is a data science and technology company, which focuses on helping organisations change the way they do business. In the words of Ahmar Abdullah, CEO & Co-Founder, Loyalytics Consulting, “AI is going to play a massive role in the enterprises of tomorrow and digital transformation is probably the most important priority for companies globally. Data and analytics are going to play a pivotal role in this transformation and organizations who are data driven and have invested in intelligent AI powered systems, will be the ones who are ready for the future. Loyalytics Consulting with a wealth of combined experience among the three co-founders, is in a strong position to partner with companies globally and help them in their digital transformation, as they move from legacy systems to intelligent AI powered applications on the cloud.”

Loyalytics Consulting offers a range of AI-driven SAAS products combined with extensive analytics consulting expertise at an affordable cost structure. The team at Loyalytics has provided omnichannel solutions to well-known retailers such as Target, Tesco, and Kroger.

Loyalytics provides business solutions to organisations with different requirements. For example, for companies which require only AI Product Accelerators, Loyalytics has created four proprietary SAAS products –

  • ingage (omnichannel retail customer engagement platform)
  • inspekt (automated retail products)
  • infuze (brand management on social media)
  • instyio (actionable retail BI)

Loyalytics Consulting focuses on customizing the analytics solutions as per the needs of the organisation to achieve measurable business outcomes. For example, price optimisation at the category level. For organisations which require staff augmentation models, Loyalytics provides Managed Analytics Services to build high performing and scalable analytics COE for the deployment of AI solutions across the entire value chain. An insight into the level of customisation that Loyalytics can provide, can be gained from the analytics solutions provided to a Fortune 500 Technology Company. The company had observed a YoY decline in revenues from key business units. The company needed to urgently attract a new customer base, increase the average order size, and increase repeat purchases. When Loyalytics was engaged by the company, the first step they undertook was to understand how the users of the products were segmented. Then they looked at product affinity models and purchase timing models. All this led to an understanding of consumer behaviour which allowed Loyalytics to develop customised marketing and pricing recommendations for the company. The result was a 50%+ increase in the conversion rate of marketing campaigns, 30%+ increase in average order size, and 30%+ increase in $/message delivered.

Whether you are a tech company, a retailer or an e-commerce company, the future of your business lies in using AI-driven tools. Companies like Loyalytics, which provide a bouquet of services from analytics to SAAS products to enable you to maximise the potential of your organisation are key to your success. Analytics Genie is a Global Analytics Marketplace platform which serves as a gateway between clients and analytics service providers like Loyalytics Consulting. If you are an organization seeking to build analytics capabilities or monetize your data resources, visit Analytics Genie to learn more about how service providers like Loyaltics Consulting and others can help solve for your business needs.