Analytics Genie

Analytics Genie (AG) is a global marketplace dedicated to the Analytics and Data Science ecosystem.

For businesses looking to build or scale analytics capabilities, AG helps shortlist relevant vendors from around the world. The clients can then engage with the most suitable vendor, after their due diligence.

We are a trusted source of specialized vendors for the clients and a growth partner for the vendors.

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I like your portal and the business model. The fact that your vendors cannot buy their way to the top of search results is reassuring. In fact, I have never seen anything like this before.
Our Data Science team uses contractors and it is often a hit and miss. It's great to see that AG has curated the list of potential vendors I can choose from. The fact that it is free for clients like us is fabulous.
For Vendors like us who are looking to penetrate the US market, AG is a great platform. I think this is one of the most innovative lead engines I have been exposed to.
It's an interesting value proposition. Our senior leadership believes this is the future for lead generation and we want to partner with you in your journey.