Making Analytics Affordable! 

In 2009, when most analytics companies were targeting mature markets like the US, UK and Europe, Naveen Jain saw an opportunity for it in the Indian market. With over 25 years of experience across diverse functions, at American Express he was leading a marketing analytics team of over 100 data scientists and data engineers covering over 20 international geographies and markets. He realised that there was a big  gap in the Indian market when it came to sophisticated functioning using insights from data. This convinced him to set up TransOrg Analytics. Headquartered in Gurugram, India, this award-winning ‘Analytics and Advisory’ company was founded in 2009 and has a global presence in the North Americas, APAC, India and the Middle East.

On the operational front, the founder realised that businesses in India are cost-sensitive. Therefore, he made sure that the company maintained a focus of providing practical, actionable, measurable ROI driven advanced analytics solutions solving complex business problems in areas like customer, marketing, sales, operations, supply chain, risk, frauds and HR.

With a team of over 80 high-performing Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and visualization experts from top schools, the company is all set to capitalize on the growth options that are unfolding in the coming years.  Most of the analytics and data science service providers in India are focusing on international clients and in basic analytics, dashboard or non-complex analytics problems. “We are focused on servicing the Indian clientele and work on some of the toughest business problems using predictive analytics solutions,” says Naveen, an engineering undergraduate from Delhi College of Engineering and an MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad.

Growth so far

Over the last 10 years, it has grown well retaining its customers’ satisfaction with its repeatable analytics solutions frameworks. TransOrg’s non-conventional route of offering affordable analytics services to Indian companies eventually helped it in successfully building a profitable business in India and abroad with over 70 clients, most of whom continue to retain its services over the years.

It has built a strong client base that includes Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders in sectors like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Hospitality, CPG, Retail, E-commerce, Travel & Aviation. These are consumer facing companies, MSMEs or companies with a large pool of enterprise client businesses with large pools of data  whether structured or unstructured  in the form of audio, video and text that need to be analyzed for decision making.

Capitalizing on the Strength

TransOrg provides diagnostic, descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, and actionable analytics to improve the efficiency and accuracy of business decisions. This has resulted in substantial financial gains for its clients in the areas of marketing science, customer analytics, operations, supply chain, fraud, risk and HR. They get short-term tactical and long-term strategic value through TransOrg’s solutions and services.

Over the last few years, the company has expanded its range of solutions & services. It has set-up its data engineering, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA) practices for its global clients in partnership with on-premises and cloud service providers like Cloudera, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Challenges Galore

The pandemic has left no one untouched! For TransOrg, the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in increased business volatility – from localized lockdowns to shifting consumer preferences to digital forms of engagement and e-commerce. “This presents unique challenges for our clients in protecting revenues and customer loyalty, optimizing costs and increasing customer engagement,” says Naveen. 

The company has changed the nature of business and reduced the time to action owing to the changing regulatory frameworks, local lockdowns, cash crunch in business operations and fickle consumer preferences.  “We are overcoming these challenges by providing quick-to-deploy analytics solutions that accelerate business outcomes in a manner of weeks from months,” says Naveen.

All of these can be achieved and enhanced by complementing business insights with advanced analytics e.g., a quick service restaurant can use advanced analytics to identify which customers are at risk of becoming dormant.

Growing the Business

TransOrg’s new business opportunities come from word of mouth, customer referrals and other business development initiatives. The company’s reputation in the top markets and its portfolio of current and past clients has aided largely in business development. Besides this, a platform like Analytics Genie (AG) helps to build its brand and presents it to relevant buyers and decision makers at buying companies. “AG can help us in generating qualified leads, increase business and draw attention of many decision-making prospects to our advanced analytics solutions,” says Naveen.

Where to from here

TransOrg is developing analytics solutions for clients and adding new capabilities in video, image and voice analytics. For instance, it is converting voice to text and then analysing the text to support use cases like automating sales orders for retailers and CPG clients. It is developing these solutions for Indian clients as most of the top out-of-the-box solutions that exist today are unable to distinguish and decipher from the wide and varied dialects, accents, and languages in India. These solutions are meant for clients with heavy usage of call centers and relationship management IVRs or call management applications.

The company is also working with large federal institutions and diversified heavy-industry manufacturers in international markets to solve more complex problems. It is using predictive analytics and Big Data in Internet of Things (IOT) including Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) such as predictive analytics in buildings & facilities management. With all these in place, the company is all set to capitalize on the opportunities in the coming years.  

Blurb: TransOrg’s non-conventional route of offering analytics services to Indian companies eventually helped it in successfully building a profitable business in the Indian and the international markets. The company is developing new solutions and capabilities to address the growth in the coming years.