We believe that we are unique as we just focus on Analytics/Data Sciences. We are also global and have a subscription-basedbusiness model for the vendors. We do not take any share of the actual contract value between any client and vendor, unless specifically agreed upon.

We are currently targeting Analytics professionals and decision makers through our digital marketing efforts. We are also launching a lead generation effort across a broad spectrum of industries in the $300Mn to 5Bn revenue range in the US. We plan to expand our efforts to other large markets soon.

The site is fairly new and we believe that a lot of buyers would be contacting vendors directly outside theplatform. In our January 2021 release, we would be opening the site analytics to vendors. Our intent is to be very transparent while protecting client confidentiality as needed.

We have no limits on the platform set up yet. Leads are expected to flow starting January2021 end.However, our desired average value of the contracts is USD 100K.

We are targeting clients who want Analytics or Data Science services, products, technology, or data.

No, we don’t intend to qualify clients currently, but it could be an option in the future if we notice any fraud or potential malpractice facilitated by our portal.

Our plan is to always reach the decision makers, but we know that decisions are often layers in client organizations. Hence, weare targeting Directors and above in our marketing and sales efforts. We, however, do not have data on their buying power.

This wouldbedependent on the clients, and we don’t have the data currently to support this question. Our attempt is however, to tap into the “In-Market”clients who are actively looking for a vendor.

From our perspective, we offer ourclientsa shortlist of vendors to choose from. Once a client identifies the vendor of their choice, they can establish contact with the vendor either through or outside of our platform. After that, a client’s standard procurement process would kick in.

These won’t flow from our system. After the first connection, Clients and vendors are free to work directly as we are a subscription model only and do not take a share of the revenue of the project.

Through our experience we know that the cost of a single qualified lead could be as high as $1500 for the vendors. A lot of vendors have spent thousands of dollars sponsoring doctored sales events that do not yield any results. They have also tried hiring sales professionals in high-cost location, investing as much as 20% of the annual revenuesonly to be disappointed with the ROI. Analytics Genie aims to be a low-cost lead generation engine for vendors across the globe. This provides our vendors a globalsales coverage, which is extremely expensive to build through traditional methods.

Vendors with clear unique value proposition and distinct capabilities would be able to differentiate themselves on our platform and stand out to potential clients. The companies for the featured section are selected after careful consideration of vendors value proposition and service offerings. We believe that size alone does not matter in the fast-transforming Analytics space and hence we look for proven expertise, focus and innovation. There will be only 4 spots each month in the featured section, so we will be meticulous in our selection. Featured companies also receive priority in terms of visibility in the searches that are performed on our website. Post January 2021, there would a small cost for vendors to feature themselves on our portal.

We believe that we do not really have an exact competitor in our space.However, we want our vendors to derivevalue from being on this platform, so we will be transparent to them about the traffic coming to their profiles and the premium vendors would be able to view overall traffic to our portal.Insights from such data can help them plan their go to market strategies better.

We understand that only when leads flow to our vendors or they see traffic from our portal to their websites, will our vendors see value. We hence plan to provide traffic analysis to our vendors. To those who wish to test the waters first, can register on the site for free till they are confident to move into the premium plan.We have a very experienced advisory and management team,and you can view their profiles at