Analytics Genie – Analytics Marketplace

Analytics Genie is a specialized platform that matches “in-market” clients to best-fit analytics vendors around the world.

Analytics Genie’s (AG’s) Mission

AG is on a mission of helping clients find the capabilities they need by matching them with specialized vendors across the globe. We believe that clients seek specialization and industry expertise from their partners, as they look to build new capabilities rapidly.

For the vendors, we seek to be their growth partners, helping them show up in front of clients seeking to build capabilities, and bid for deals across the globe. AG provides global market coverage and provides great ROI to our vendors partners.

Analytics Genie is an Analytics Marketplace dedicated to the Analytics / Data Science and Machine learning ecosystem. As a pioneering, global Analytics Marketplace, we aim to serve consulting firms, software products, technology solutions, business solutions, data providers, educational institutes, vendors, investors, and anyone else associated with this analytics ecosystem. Analytics Genie is a Marketplace that connects analytics decision makers with analytics service providers around the world with the aim of helping create strong, long term partnerships to support the growth of your business.

Value for Clients

Most businesses now believe that data and analytics is a competitive advantage. However, only a few have realized this potential while the others are plagued with low ROI on data science investments and slow speed to market of new capabilities. A ton of generic sales reach-out by vendors suppresses truly differentiated vendors, leading to sub-optimal returns from vendor spend.

Analytics Genie increases the ROI of Analytics investments by being:

  • A non-intrusive tool to get to vetted vendors with specialized capabilities.

  • A global vendor search engine in an increasingly competitive market for talent.

  • An accelerator for new capabilities by leveraging vendors who can hit the road running.

Value for Vendors

In a highly competitive environment, revenue growth is top of mind for most Analytics firms. However, ROI from sales investment is very low, leaving firms with low market coverage and risky geography mix, that exposes them to market uncertainties. Analytics Genie increases the sales ROI exponentially by:

  • Being a specialized global leads engine that puts a Vendor capability in front of prospects.

  • Being a reliable source for Analytics RFPs/ RFIs from clients keen on new vendors.

  • Having a pure subscription model, no commissions.

  • Providing consulting to help differentiate better in a highly competitive marketplace.