Our Mission

Analytics Genie (AG) is a global marketplace dedicated to the Analytics / Data Science ecosystem.

Analytics Genie connects clients who are looking to build/scale analytics capabilities, with the help of specialised vendors from around the world. Our aim is to help create strong, symbiotic partnerships that drive innovation for the clients and growth for the vendors.

Value  for Clients

Most businesses now realize that data and analytics is a competitive advantage. However, an acute shortage of talent is preventing many from realizing the possibilities. Businesses are hence engaging specialized vendors to accelerate their Analytics transformation journey. In an industry that is very dynamic, finding a right partner is critical and the opportunity cost of a failed engagement is astronomical.

Analytics Genie simplifies the vendor search process, providing various options and cutting down the risk.

Value  for Vendors

In a highly competitive environment, revenue growth is top of mind for most Analytics firms. Although the market size for Analytics/ Data Science industry is steadily growing, Vendors are plagued with low ROI from sales investment, limited sales coverage, skewed geography mix and lack of access to RFPs.

As a marketplace dedicated to the analytics/ data science industry, we want to be the most effective, low-cost growth channel for our Vendors.