Simplifying Integrated Data Analytics through Self-service and AI

Founded in the year 2018, Bizdata Inc.’s robust portfolio of advanced analytics and cloud data integration products and solutions are designed to offer a wide array of pre-built analytics capabilities to empower users across organizations to improve their business processes – while helping other tech workers to keep themselves engaged on higher-value tasks. To facilitate this, Bizdata has two platforms –  eZintegrations and Bizintel360.

Traditionally, any advanced analysis plan in an organization requires three layers of technology – ETL, data warehouse or Data Lake, and visualization or reporting. However, these technologies require different software tools and skilled resources, making advanced analytics projects complex and prone to failure. Bizdata addresses these challenges through its Bizintel360 advanced analytics platform that includes all three essentials of analytics in a single platform. Therefore, allowing every business to enjoy maximum results with minimum implementation time, training requirements, and support to generate higher ROI (Return on Investment) and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The company’s customer base is from varied industries like finance, retail, manufacturing, life sciences, FMCG/ CPG and technology.

Bizdata’s AI Powered Integrated Data Analytics

The company helps organizations through system integration and advanced data analysis, enabling them to view business processes. One of the biggest advantages its product offers is that the work gets done in a fraction of time compared to what it would normally take. This apart, the total cost of ownership is comparatively low. 

Its products eZintegrations and Bizintel360 have unique features like no necessity for data staging, easy to deploy and use, real-time data transaction and data conversion in flight, compared with other products in the market.

Since its inception, the company has continuously been adding features on the product side. “We have combined the power of data and AI to provide cutting-edge advanced analytics. Also, we have added several solutions for eZintegrations and Bizintel360 that touch upon business needs of our customers. Our Product team is ideally qualified to help drive the technical and innovation engines for Bizdata and to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of Bizdata customers everywhere. Our products have been reviewed comprehensively on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Gartner Peer Insights, and G2. The products are available for a free enterprise trial on Bizdata Inc.’s website,” says Adil Mujeeb, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bizdata Inc.

Spreading Its Reach

The company aims to develop its business throughout the United States and the European Union-DACH region and other parts of the world like Australia, Singapore, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent by offering cost-effective solutions. It gets new customers through data-driven, integrated marketing campaigns that provide a 360 view of the customer. “The products we have put out in the market are low code that helps pivot fast to self-service analytics, augmented analytics and real-time data refresh. Data transformation, data wrangling, data orchestration and data cleansing, all events occurs in-flight without data staging,” says Ritesh Khapre. He adds, “We believe that the Analytics Genie platform has the potential to introduce our company and products to appropriate customers through its content portal, thus helping us gain wider coverage and expansion in the global data integration and analytics market.”

Future Growth Path

Adil Mujeeb, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bizdata Inc. said “In three years from now, we want to grow Bizdata and make it the preferred platform of choice for Big data Analytics and Systems Integration initiatives. We continuously innovate and make our products faster and easier to drive improved business process visibility at scale. The company has also developed many internship programmes. To expand further, we are building on our hiring programs and the sales group is something we are continually enhancing as it is vital to the organization’s development.”

Blurb: Make data work better through integrated analytics. This is one of Bizdata’s most defining taglines. Bizdata delivers integrated data analytics that can be scaled across the enterprise to create a data-driven ecosystem! It looks at itself as an industry impact-force; a success-propeller, an ecosystem-builder – a company that has helped leading businesses achieve digital transformation to improve operational efficiency and increase revenues by adopting a data-driven approach in the post covid world.