Working towards a Digital Transformation!

Incorporated in 2010, Aquarela Advanced Analytics was set up by Marcos Santos and Joni Hoppen,  to play a fundamental role in the digital transformation process of Brazilian companies towards industry 4.0 by applying artificial intelligence.  It is a Big Data Analytics company that helps large companies deliver successful Big Data Analytics projects using Aquarela VORTX Big Data platform and the DCIM Data Methodology. 

The Aquarela team is completely passionate about what it does and currently serves large enterprises. “Our customers are large businesses ranging from Healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and education industries. All of these enterprises struggle with the digital transformation challenges in their operations, especially in terms of data flows and processes for applying artificial intelligence,” says Joni, who is in-charge of digital and international expansion. Some of its customers include  Embraer (aerospace), Randon Group (automotive), Solar Br Coca-Cola (food), Hospital das Clínicas (health), NTS-Brazil (oil and gas), Votorantim (energy), among others. 

The Growth Story

Since inception, it has grown well and has presented innovative approaches for working with data that aids decision making. In 2016, the company received its first investment which helped it grow its solutions in the industry, more specifically in the aerospace sector with its client Embraer Company. “Our current growth rate is about 150% in revenue per year and we attract about 100 resumes per job position,” says a proud Joni. Currently, the company has a team size of  32 with clients spread across 8 different Brazilian states. 

“One of my duties in my current role (digital and international expansion sector) is to expand current brand visibility of the Aquarela, especially through digital media and marketing. Platform like Analytics Genie’s (AG) are expected to help us in this direction,” says Joni.  As the world is getting increasingly globalized, the company has their very first partnership with India, which in turn, is going to play an increasingly important role in the global market.   

However, nothing comes without challenges. Joni says For Aquarela Analytics, the key challenge was to scale recurring revenue while reducing operational costs, which is the case for many companies in this sector. “It is a challenge to find business models that are attractive for external customers (outside Brazil),” he adds. To counter this, the company is working on an intense internationalization readiness program that was recently launched. And the team expects this to be a  turning point to get in more clients. 

On this note, “to further develop its business globally and improve our brand awareness we are working with excellent partners abroad” he says.  

Growth Ahead! 

The company has highly qualified data scientists as a part of its team, with high score of successful projects and proven customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the devalued Brazilian currency makes its pricing very competitive internationally.  The company has created a solid platform over the last 10 years – Vortx platform. This platform has very relevant and exclusive data of the Brazilian retail market which allows various data initiatives including dynamic pricing, demand forecast and logistic applications. 

With these competitive advantages, the company aims to spread its reach across the globe. It has major clients in Brazil and recent partnerships with companies from the US, European, Latin America and India.  “I see Aquarela having more business interactions with foreign companies with a higher maturity level (or what I call the internationalization readiness). I strongly believe that we will be working in closer ties with India,” says Joni, ending this interaction on a very optimistic note about the future of the organisation in the global marketplace. 

Blurb: Aquarela Advanced Analytics, a Big Data Analytics company, has major clients in Brazil and  partners in US, Europe, Latin American countries and India. They aim to further this growth story by capitalising on their competitive advantages like a strong platform, strong team of data scientists and the pricing advantage they offers in the international area.